The plant-based substitute that replaces egg in your recipes

Let's make an omelette without breaking eggs!

Discover the plant-based alternative to egg that respects your diet and your health. 

Adapted to vegan diet and egg intolerance.

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An innovation rewarded


Naturally derived ingredients

Plant-based egg alternatives Le Papondu are made up from ingredients of natural origin, from the mineral world and the plant world.

They were selected for their interesting properties in cooking, their benefits and their low environmental impact. What to enjoy in all serenity!

The plant-based egg,

quite simply!

For everyone

The Papondu is compatible with vegan diets and will delight the taste buds of intolerant and allergic to eggs.


Our wonderful product is ready to use, gives binder and an airy texture to your cakes. It can also be eaten scrambled or fried!


Papondu presents a very interesting nutritional contribution, in particular thanks to its contribution in vegetable proteins.

For all the delicacies

Why a plant-based egg?


Respect your health and values with ease

The idea of Le Papondu was born in 2017, when Philippine and Sheryline, two biologist engineers, realized that replacing egg on a daily basis was a real headache, due to their omnipresence and culinary versatility. More than a technical challenge, they also launched an ecological and ethical challenge. 

Thanks to their knowledge of formulation, nutrition and health, they are convinced that it is possible to offer a plant-based egg alternative that respects our health and values.

Currently being incubated, the first Le Papondu products are expected to be hatched by the end of 2021.

It is declared, it will soon be possible to make an omelette without breaking eggs!

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